How Much Is Your Jewelry Worth?

How Much Is Your Jewelry Worth?

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Did you know that most insurance companies require an updated appraisal every 5-8 years?

Sawyer Jewelers can provide new or updated appraisals on almost any item of jewelry you have. With a GIA certificate in Diamonds and Diamond Grading, and over 25 years of experience, you can rest assured that our Appraiser will properly and fairly appraise your jewelry.

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did you know that there are
different types of appraisals?

Standard Appraisal

A standard appraisal, meant for your insurance company, is valued at the amount that it would cost to replace your item if it should come up lost or stolen within five years from the time of the appraisal. This amount includes the labor and parts and will take custom or rare items that would be more difficult to replace, into consideration when coming up with a total value.

Estate Appraisal

An estate appraisal is meant for someone who is interested in reselling their jewelry to a second party. In this case, several factors are considered. The age and condition of the piece along with the current demand for such items will all take part before coming up with a final market or fair cash value you that you should receive if you were to sell. This price is usually much lower than a replacement appraisal since selling costs and labor and design are not considered.